Kitchen & bath design specialist

Welcome to Jim Martin Design. Based in Lancaster County, PA, I help homeowners blend their dreams and lifestyle with my ideas and experience to create a living environment that is a reflection of who you are. As a Certified Kitchen Designer I look forward to the possibility of serving you!

In 2013 I see…

In 2013 I see… Recently I’ve been reading economic predictions, particularly the residential housing industry for the year we’re already 6 weeks into. Though historically the first quarter of the year has been strong in kitchen and bath remodel interest and showroom traffic, the past 4 years produced dismal results. However, this year I’ve noticed

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Slate for Appliances?

What finish should you choose for your appliances? What options are there? Over the years we’ve seen colors come and go and more recently it seems to have been distilled to black, white or stainless steel. With all other areas of the selection palette growing why are appliance finishes narrowing? Well, GE is responding to

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