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Jim Martin Design is a kitchen and bath design firm based in Lancaster County, PA specializing in residential remodeling. We help homeowners blend your dreams and lifestyles with our ideas and experience to create a delightful environment reflecting who you are and want to be.

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Who is Jim Martin? (In his own words)

My approach as a kitchen and bath designer comes from a career of hands on experience. I believe the skills and knowledge I’ve accumulated along the way give me the expertise needed to be a successful designer and project manager.

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Much like a design-build firm, Jim Martin Design works with you on the the design and project management. Typically beginning with an in home consultation, we then offer design concepts, drawings, we make selections, create budgets, firm up our contracts, make a schedule and execute. Early in the process we mutually discern if our company is a good fit for your project and if so we do enter a compensation agreement.

We are different

than a design-build firm in that Jim is both the lead designer and project manager. Through the entire process he will be your primary contact. The beauty of this system is that you are able to utilize the skill sets of many of our collaborative professionals but it is carefully overseen and managed by the one person who has walked with you from the very beginning. This keeps your original goals and intent at the heart of the process.

Excellent communication

is one of our strengths. There are a lot of moving parts to a project which require multiple channels of communication to ensure everyone involved stays in the loop. It’s important to us that our clients know what is happening and when. We believe that clear communication throughout a project is imperative to maintaining our clients confidence and trust, knowing that we will put our full effort into making their experience the best that it can be.

Our established network

is a great team ready to help us get the job done. We hand pick these persons and business based on their ability to provide a high standard of quality and efficiency in their service and trade. They are committed to working hard to help us reach our goals and will do their best work for our clients!

Each project is unique

and we will treat it that way. Each client has a favored style, a set of specific objectives and available resources they are willing to invest. These considerations are taken seriously and are allied with our ideas and experience to offer the best solutions.

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